Southwest Fiberglass, LLC is located in Tucson, Arizona. We have been in our current location since 1974. Originally as Sundt Fiberglass and then as Mesa Fiberglass.

With our dry and warm weather conditions, we have prime working condition year-round.

Since we are relatively close to several major ocean ports (Long Beach CA, Galveston, TX and Guaymas, BC, Mex. to name a few) we are an ideal location to fabricate and ship worldwide.


California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona & New Mexico

With contractors licenses in California, Nevada and Arizona we not only ship to these areas, we regularly perform field work in these states.


Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, & Nebraska

With rising fuel cost affecting the entire country, it makes sense for us to fabricate and ship to the Midwest.


Please call us for logistics on the East Coast.