Polymer concrete may be used for new construction or repairing of old concrete.

  • Mixer Settlers
  • Mixer Settler/Cell repairs
  • Capping Boards
  • Trenches and Sumps
  • Structural Sections
  • Mining Industry

Advantages of polymer concrete include:

  • Rapid curing at ambient temperatures
  • High tensile, flexural, and compressive strengths
  • Good adhesion to most surfaces
  • Good long-term durability with respect to freeze and thaw cycles
  • Low permeability of water and aggressive solutions
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Lightweight
  • May be used in regular wood and steel formwork
  • May be vibrated to fill voids in forms
  • Allows use of regular form-release agents

Polymer concrete formulated using a high performance epoxy vinylester resin provides substantially enhanced corrosion resistance and serviceability when compared  to conventional construction materials such as Portland cement. The adhesion properties of polymer concrete allow patching for both polymer and cementious concretes. The low permeability of polymer concrete allows it to be used in swimming pools, sewer pipes, drainage channels and other structures that contain liquids.

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