Tanks larger in diameter than 14'0" are generally not economical to ship. Southwest Fiberglass' large diameter tanks (tanks greater in diameter than 14'0") are shop fabricated, preassembled and marked to assure proper field fit up of the component segments.  The tank shell is oblated and the bottom, as well as the dished top, are segmented for shipping.  At the installation site, Southwest Fiberglass' field technicians erect the tank, assemble and attach the bottom and head and install all fittings, manways and internals.

Large diameter, field erected FRP tanks are fabricated using the same materials of construction and fabrication methods as standard shop fabricated tanks.  The tank shell may be either chop/hoop wound or contact molded.  The bottom and dished head are contact molded.  All joints and secondary bonding operations are also contact molded.  

Since the cost per gallon stored usually decreases as the diameter of the vessel increases, large diameter, field erected tanks tend to be a very economical chemical storage option when compared against the need for several shop fabricate tanks to store the same gallonage.  


  • Field erected tanks ranging in size from 16’ to 50’ in diameter
  • Contact molded per ASTM D-4097
  • Chop hoop wound per ASTM D-3299
  • ASTM Types I & II
  • ASTM Grades 1 & 2
  • Site erection up to 50’0” dia
  • Field Inspections
  • Field Relining
  • Field Modifications

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