Utility Man Bucket Repair

Both the proper structural repair and the cosmetic refurbishing of damaged fiberglass reinforced plastic aerial manlifts and utility man buckets require the expertise of trained and experienced FRP craftsmen.

While an experienced automotive body shop may have a reasonably competent technician sufficiently experienced to make a cosmetic refurbishing look good, it is unlikely that they will have the engineering staff, the structural FRP experience and the background of a dedicated FRP fabricator to complete the required structural repairs.

Structural repairs that are not made properly carry a huge downside including the potential loss of life.

Structural FRP repairs made by Southwest Fiberglass, LLC’s trained and experienced laminators and bonders are hand layed-up using a minimum of two (2) plys of bi-directional 24 oz/sq yd fiberglass woven roving to guarantee that the completed repair is as strong as the original equipment--or stronger.

The cosmetic refurbishing of booms and manlifts include a proprietary cleaning followed by the abrasive removal and filling in of scratches, cracks, and factures. The aerial man bucket or boom is re-gelcoated and returned to the owner in a like new condition.

Southwest Fiberglass, LLC can structurally repair the man buckets and complete cosmetic repairs to the boom while they are still attached to your bucket truck. Additionally, we will pick up and return the repaired or refurbished man buckets to your facility.

Also available from Southwest Fiberglass, LLC is a complete line of custom made FRP tool boxes, polyethylene bucket liners, and fiberglass bucket liner scruff pads.

Partial List of Clients:

  • Tucson Electric Power
  • A.D.O.T.
  • Arizona Public Service
  • Electrical District #2 
  • Asarco
  • Salt River Project